Narrow Vein Machinery For Hire

Minspares is based in Kalgoorlie, WA and is dedicated to supplying miners with superior narrow vein mining equipment, along with specialist advice and ongoing customer service. Our team has over 20 years of mining experience and can advise you on the right machinery for your project.

Narrow vein mining is a specialised industry focused on extracting high-value commodities like gold, silver and nickel as well as more common metals like tin and copper.

The technique used in narrow vein mining creates tunnel sizes that are small and precise. This means mining companies can accurately target the commodities they are searching for. Compared to other methods of mining, the operational costs involved in narrow vein mining are relatively low while productivity and the quality of the commodity remain high. 

If you need to hire narrow vein mining equipment in Western Australia or anywhere across Australia, contact the team at Minspares.

Our Narrow Vein Mining Machinery

While traditional large-scale mining has dominated the Australian mining scene, many companies are seeing the financial benefits of using smaller, more modern equipment. As a more precise method of mining, narrow vein mining can often produce a higher-grade commodity. 

Narrow vein mining also requires much less and smaller additional equipment, like loaders. Drilling smaller tunnels mean the amount of rock and debris being removed is significantly less. All of this adds up to improve your bottom line. 

All our narrow vein mining machinery is handpicked by our team of experts to ensure it is of the highest quality and will perform to expectations. Whether you are working on a small or large-scale project, Minspares has the equipment you need.

Our fleet of narrow vein mining machinery for hire includes:

Atlas Copco H104

Narrow Vein Mining

The Atlas Copco H104 has a hydraulically controlled drilling system that prevents jamming.

Atlas Copco H1257

Narrow Vein Mining

The Atlas Copco Simba H1257 is best suited for small to medium-sized projects. The machinery’s boom mounted rig features 360-degree drilling capability.

Toro 151D LHD

Narrow Vein Mining

An ideal loader for narrow vein mining. The Toro 151D is compact and has a 1.5m3 bucket and open cabin.

Sandvik Axera 5-140

Narrow Vein Mining

The Sandvik Axera 5-140 is designed for fast and safe manoeuvring in narrow spaces. Along with face drilling, the boom can be used for cross-cutting and bolt-hole drilling. 

Caterpillar R1300G

Narrow Vein Mining

While it’s designed for high production mining, the R1300G is still compact and agile enough for narrow vein operations. It has a bucket capacity of 3.1m3.

Epiroc Boomer T1D 

Epiroc Boomer T1D 

The Boomer T1 is a hydraulically controlled mining and tunnelling face drilling rig with one BUT 4B boom. The rig can be fitted with a variety of COP rock drills to suit customer requirements.

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