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Minspares is a specialist mining equipment hire company based in WA’s mining capital, Kalgoorlie. We launched the business over a decade ago and today, our customer base stretches far beyond the Goldfields offering services to mining companies across Perth, WA and Australia. 

Our primary focus is the hire of Underground Mining Equipment. Our rental fleet includes machinery from the world’s biggest brands like Sandvik, Caterpillar and more. All our mining machinery is sourced from reputable companies renowned for producing premium mining equipment with a strong commitment to safety, reliability and increased productivity. 

Along with our extensive range of mining supplies, we also offer technical support and backup to ensure every project runs smoothly. Service has always been a major part of our business and has helped us become one of the most trusted mining equipment hire companies in the region.


Production Drills


We stock a variety of production drills for underground mining with applications from narrow vein mining to large-scale production drilling.

Development Drills


Minspares is one of Australia’s leading mining equipment suppliers of single-boom jumbo and twin-boom jumbos. We have a large variety of models to suit different sized headings, from narrow vein applications to larger 6×6 drives.

Underground Loaders

Underground Loaders

Minspares’ fleet of underground loaders includes world-leading brands like Toro, Caterpillar and Sandvik.  Our underground loaders and remote loaders are maintained frequently to deliver consistent high performance.

Integrated Tool Carriers


Our integrated tool carriers come fitted out for underground mining operations and include fire suppression systems and man-riding safety valves, and are available with tools.

Narrow Vein Mining Drills


Using our narrow vein drills, you can keep tunnel sizes small. This allows you to speed up drilling time and improve overall productivity.

Underground Trucks


Minspares offers a range of articulated dump trucks and articulated ejector trucks designed specifically for underground mining. Our stock includes trucks from Caterpillar, one of the world’s leading machinery brands.



Minspares provides the highest quality mining equipment from the world’s leading brands. We put the spotlight on the CAT underground mining load-haul dump R1700G.



Sandvik is one of the largest and oldest engineering companies in the world. Their products feature innovative technology and have been instrumental in improving productivity and safety for underground mining operations.


Caterpillar is a name synonymous with Australian mining and is one of the world’s leading mining equipment suppliers. Their famous yellow machinery can be seen in underground mining projects all over Australia. When you hire any mining equipment from Caterpillar you know you’re hiring a trusted brand renowned for reliability.





Minspares has several decades of experience in the maintenance and operation of underground mining machinery. As a specialist underground mining equipment supplier, we can help customers choose the right product for their job, no matter what the application.


Supported by a dedicated maintenance network, Minspares provides on-site service and parts backup to ensure your machinery stays operational for longer. If you’re shopping around for the best hire price, look carefully at the machinery you’re getting. Will you get the same productivity from a cheaper machine?


Minspares is committed to providing the highest quality customer service in both local and remote locations. We carry a large inventory of mining supplies to support our machinery and our maintenance team is always ready to assist you if needed.

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