Production Drills, Narrow Vein Drills, Longhole Drills For Hire

At Minspares, we are focused on delivering client satisfaction through customer service as well as high quality service delivery. Our team has extensive experience in teamwork and underground drilling, which provides us with the resources to assist you.

A wide assortment of production drills for hire offers a variety of options for your underground mining projects. Our range of production drill rigs are equipped with a variety of features including fully mechanized rod handling, drilling automation, fully adjustable coverage and more.

Our production drill rigs are flexible to meet a variety of drilling needs, as they are capable of 360-degree rotation and full parallel coverage.  The Minspares fleet consists of production drills from the industry’s most trusted brands including Sandvik and Atlas Copco. Drills are available for hire for a variety of needs, including narrow vein mining, longhole drilling, and rise/slot drilling.

Our drill range includes the following models of production drills:

Minspares Production Drills:

Atlas Copco Boomer 104

Boomer 104 is a compact single boom tunneling and mining jumbo designed for drilling narrow tunnel cross sections. This machine has an open cabin, But 4B boom, 1838ME drifter, and a BMH 2000 series split feed. Can be supplied with jaws to facilitate production drilling if required.

Voltage:1000 V

Production Drill Hire

Atlas Copco H1257

Compact design suited for small to medium sized drives. Boom mounted drill rig with 360 degree drilling capability and 10 rod carousel.

Drilling range: 51 to 89mm holes (reaming to 127mm). Capable of 20m hole length in all directions.

Voltage:1000 V

Production Drill Hire

Sandvik DL430-7 (Tamrock Solo 07-7)

Boom style production drill designed for vertical & inclined plane rings & fan holes, 360 degrees rotation & full parallel coverage with tilt angle ranges forwards & backwards or long single holes. This machine is fitted with a HL710 drifter and open cabin.

Drilling range: 64 -102mm holes. Capable of 40m hole length in all directions.

Voltage:1000 V

Production Drill Hire

Sandvik DL431-7C

Sandvik DL431 is a fully-mechanized, highly versatile
and compact electro-hydraulic top hammer longhole
drill designed for underground mass mining in 3.2 x
3.2 m or larger production drifts.

Production Drill Hire

Sandvik DL421-15C (Solo 07-15)

Sandvik DL421 is an electro-hydraulic, longhole drill rig engineered for large-scale production drilling in underground mines. This versatile rig has been designed for vertical and inclined plane rings and fans, as well as parallel long production holes and long single holes.

Drilling range: 64 -115mm holes. Capable of 54m hole length in all directions.

Voltage:1000 V

Rockdrill: HL1560ST

Rodchanger: LFRC1606

Pito 16

Carrier: NC7W

Production Drill Hire
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Machinery Hire Tips

If you are considering hiring machinery for your next mining project, consider the following:

Machinery features

Before choosing which mining machine to hire, evaluate which features can make your project more efficient. Many features, such as drilling automation and flexible manoeuvrability have the ability to save you time and money in your project and improve accuracy.

Support and Maintenance

Machine downtime equals lost production so ensure you have the support of a hire company that can keep you moving when things go wrong.

Specialised Knowledge

Not all mining machinery is the same, so make sure you choose a provider with equipment expertise on the sort of machinery you need.