Trusted Mining Machine Hire

Minspares is dedicated to customer service and provides high-quality machinery for hire in Western Australia as well as throughout Australia. Our experienced team has significant experience in mining and is committed to supplying the best machinery for hire on the market.

Not only do we offer underground mining machinery hire services, we also provide top-notch technical support and backup services so you get a great product that works without hassle. Our dedicated team stands behind every machine we send out; we’re here to help make your hire process go as smoothly as possible.

Our Fleet

We have a large range of underground plant and equipment for hire, including everything you need on-site for projects. Our machinery includes an assortment of above ground and underground equipment, such as underground drill rigs, tunneling and mining rigs, production drills, development drills, construction loaders, earthmoving equipment, service machinery, narrow vein machinery, and charge up machinery.

Our mining hire fleet includes used and rebuilt machinery from most trusted popular brands including Caterpillar, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Normet Charmec, and Normet. All machinery is serviced to ensure it performs on the job.  Our fleet has flexible availability – check back or contact us for more details.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Production Drills

We have a large range of production drills for hire to suit your various underground projects. The Minspares fleet consists the industry’s most reputable brands and models of production drills including Sandvik DL420-15C (previously known as Tamrock Solo 07-7V), Sandvik Solo 5-5V, Atlas Copco Boomer 104, and Atlas Copco 1257.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Development Drills

We offer a selection of single boom and twin boom jumbos for hire from Sandvik and Atlas Copco. Our equipment stands up to tough conditions and comes equipped with automation and hydraulic functions. Our development drills are designed to improve time efficiency and accuracy in mining jobs.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Underground Loaders

Minspares has a fleet of underground loaders available to hire from world-leading brands like Toro, Caterpillar and Sandvik. All our loaders come with a full service history and are maintained to ensure peak performance throughout your mining operation. Our range is suitable for projects that require an underground loader or a remote loader.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Charge Up Mining Machines

Our charge up machinery for hire options include a variety of Normet Charmec charge up machines. These machines improve the safety and quality of tunnelling and mining projects and are equipped with an array of features to help make jobs easier.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Mining Service Machines

Minspares has a wide array of underground service machinery and equipment for all projects, including multiple Normet Charmec models and Caterpillar Integrated Tool Carriers (ITC). Our underground service machines are built and maintained to withstand harsh conditions.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Narrow Vein Mining Machines

Our narrow vein mining machines for hire are ideal for a variety of projects. Narrow vein mining is an efficient technique to maximise costs associated with drilling, as it keeps tunnel sizes small and productivity high. Our narrow vein equipment includes rigs from Atlas Copco, Toro, Sandvik, and Caterpillar.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Underground Trucks

Our fleet of underground mining trucks includes the CAT AD45B with a 45-ton payload and advanced traction, the unique AE45B with an ejector tray suited for tunnels and the robust AD55B designed for high production. As a specialist in underground mining equipment, Minspares ensures quality, efficiency and reliability with all machinery.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia


Minspares offers a range of underground mining machinery for hire throughout Australia. We put a spotlight on some of the world’s leading brands designed to handle the toughest underground mining conditions.

Underground Mining Equipment Hire Australia

Spotlight Loader

We hire a range of underground loaders from world leading brands. All loaders are serviced and maintained to keep operating costs low and productivity high. See which underground loader we’ve put the spotlight on.

Why choose Minspares?

  • Expertise

    We have several decades of experience in the industry, and are experts in both maintenance and operation of underground mining machinery.

  • Maintenance

    Our team is supported by a dedicated maintenance network. Our onsite service and parts backup ensure that our machinery is always kept in peak condition.

  • Support

    Our team provides the highest quality customer service, whether you are located in Kalgoorlie, WA or anywhere in Australia.


We are located in the gold fields of Kalgoorlie, WA, which allows us to have access to rare and unique inventory.

We service customers in the mining industry in Perth and Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, and throughout Australia.

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