Normet Machinery Sales & Hire

Minspares has a variety of Normet mining machinery in stock, including Normet underground mining equipment, and charge up equipment. Minspares is located in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and services customers all around Australia.

Normet is a manufacturer of underground mining and tunnel construction machinery with 50 years of experience in development, production, and sales. Normet operates sales and support facilities all over the globe to ensure their products are always top-notch.

Minspares carries a range of charge up mining machinery, available for hire to the Kalgoorlie, WA area and throughout Australia.

View our selection of charge up machinery for hire:

Normet Machinery For Hire

  • Normet Charmec 1610B
  • Normet Charmec MC905

Normet Machinery For Sale

  • Normet 1610B Charmec

How Minspares Works

Minspares are a mining machinery hire company based in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. We have a large fleet of equipment, with functions ranging from drilling: production drills, development drills, to load and haul equipment, to charge up machinery, to integrated tool carriers, and narrow vein mining.

We also supply machinery parts and perform machine maintenance to ensure that all machinery is fit to run and function correctly.

Normet Mining Equipment Hire

Normet Charmec 1610B

The Normet Charmec 1610B is a top-performing transportation vehicle for explosives, as well as underground charging. This machine has a capacity of two 500kg anfo kettles.

Normet Charmec 1610B

Normet Charmec MC905

Normet Charmec’s MC905 is an explosives transport and charge machine made for underground mining. An optional 9-metre boom is available for optimal safety, and cabin air-conditioning keep the user cool. This vehicle has a capacity of two 720kg anfo kettles and is powered by a Mercedes MB904 engine.

Machinery Equipment

Normet Mining Equipment Sales

Normet 1610B Charmec

This pre-used Normet Charmec 1610B has been recently recertified and is ready for use. All new parts have documentation and certification.

Normet 1610B Charmec

Why Minspares?

  • Quality Machinery

    Our equipment must meet high quality standards before it is put on the market

  • Expert Advice

    Our team has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry

  • Trusted Support

    Our machinery is backed by our reliable support services

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