Sandvik Machinery Sales & Hire

Minspares has a large range of Sandvik mining equipment, including underground mining equipment and above ground mining machinery. Our machinery is routinely maintained and adheres to strict quality standards to ensure that it’s ready for any job.

Sandvik is a Swedish manufacturer of engineering equipment that makes mining machinery including drill rigs and loading and hauling machinery, among other things. Sandvik mining equipment is sold in over 150 countries.

At Minspares, we have a collection of drill rigs for hire in the Kalgoorlie, WA region and around Australia.

View our premium selection of production drills, development drills, and narrow vein drills for hire:

Sandvik Machinery For Hire

  • Sandvik DL430-7 (Previously known as Tamrock Solo 07-7V)
  • Sandvik Axera 5-140
  • Sandvik Axera 7-240
  • Sandvik Axera 7-260C
  • Sandvik DD420-60C
  • Sandvik Axera 6-240

Sandvik Machinery For Sale

  • Sandvik Solo5-5V

Why Choose Minspares?

  • Reliable Mining Machinery

    All machinery is tested for accuracy and longevity

  • Experienced Support

    Minspares has over 20 years of experience in the mining industry

  • Routine Maintenance

    Our equipment is maintained to meet high quality standards

Sandvik Mining Equipment Hire

Sandvik DL420 (Previously known as Tamrock Solo 07-15/F)

The Sandvik DL420 is a versatile production drill. This mining machine is designed to be used for vertical and inclined plane rings and fan holes. It features a 360-degree rotation and has a large backwards and forwards tilt range. Other features include a 1520 drifter, single hole automation and cabin air-conditioning.

Voltage: 1000 V

Drilling Range: 89 – 127 mm, 54m hole length

Sandvik DL420 15C

Sandvik Axera 5-140

Sandvik’s Axera 5-140 is a highly accurate and fast single boom electro-hydraulic jumbo drill. Features include a TB40 boom, HLX5 drifter, 6/10 TFX feed, and an open cabin. This machine is a great solution for narrow-vein mining applications.

Voltage: 1000 V

Drilling Range: 43 – 64mm


Sandvik Axera 7-240

Like the Axera 5-140, the Sandvik Axera 7-240 offers fast, accurate drilling. This machine is a twin-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo. It also features an open cabin, HLX5 drifters and multiple feed options, varying from fixed to TFX.

Voltage: 1000 V

Drilling Range: 43 – 64mm

Sandvik Axera7-240

Sandvik Axera 7-260C

This electro-hydraulic twin boom jumbo offers a fast and accurate drilling solution. Features include an air-conditioned cabin, HLX5 drifters, and multiple feed options.

Voltage: 1000 V

Drilling Range: 43 – 64mm


Sandvik Axera 6-240

This is a compact twin boom electro-hydraulic jumbo designed for fast and accurate drilling suited to rapid twin boom development in smaller drives.

Drilling range: 43 to 64mm holes.

Voltage:1000 V


Sandvik DD420-60C

This machine is a twin-boom electro-hydraulic jumbo with HLX5 drifters, dual feed options, and air conditioned cabin.

Voltage: 1000 V

Drilling Range: 43 to 64mm


Sandvik Mining Equipment Sales

Sandvik LH514 loader

One of the mining industry’s most popular loaders, the Sandvik LH514 loader has a 14-tonne capacity and remote capability.

Sandvik LH517 loader

This Sandvik LH517 loader has been recently rebuilt and has a long remaining life. It is priced competitively and is a solid, reliable piece of equipment.

Sandvik LH517 Loader

Sandvik LH517 loader

This loader is being sold at a competitive price for wreck or rebuild.

Sandvik LH517 Loader

Sandvik Axera 7-240C Development Jumbo

This 2005 Sandvik Axera 7-240C is competitively priced and boasts TB40 booms and 8/14 extension feeds. It also features HLX5 drifters and an air-conditioned cabin.

Sandvik Axera 7-240C Development Jumbo

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