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Mining Technology to Increase Safety and Productivity

The role of technology is central to creating a future for the mining industry in Australia. It can improve the cost-efficiency of mining, and improve the safety of industry workers. Underground mines are one of the most challenging environments for workers and their equipment. The effects that implemented technology can have on the cost per […]

Underground Mining Trends 2017

Australia’s underground mine productivity benchmarks are among the world’s best. There are a vast number of operating underground hard-rock mines in Australia producing coal or ore containing a variety of minerals and metals. For Australian companies trying to enhance mining output in an ever-volatile environment, they must address a range of issues across the business […]

Top 10 Mining Companies in the World

The top 10 mining companies act as a proxy for the performance of the mining industry. PwC’s 13th annual review of global trends in the mining industry is based on the financial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation. It is within the […]

Why A Drop In AUD Can Benefit Mining Plant Hire

The mining industry in Australia is rapidly changing. The value of the Australian dollar has fallen, and mining equipment demand has vastly changed. As these changes continue to shape the industry, business owners must adapt to stay ahead.

Reliability in Hire Machinery Through Quality Maintenance

Underground Mining machinery is some of the most durable, high-impact machinery on the market. Despite its durability, the underground environment is harsh and machines deteriorate without an ongoing maintenance plan.  Minspares understands that when customers buy or hire a machine they expect it to be in good condition, compliant with current standards, and able to perform […]

Mining Equipment Demand Increases Worldwide

Mining has been negatively impacted by recent changes in the global economy, however the equipment industry can expect positive results in upcoming years. Despite hardships faced with job losses in the mining industry, a Freedonia report says that mining machinery demand will rise 7% globally for the next three years, until 2019.

Mining Machinery Hire or Buy?

A comparison guide between hiring and buying mining machinery To make any mining operation successful requires planning and logistics. If you are involved with a project, you have no doubt considered whether to buy or hire your mining machinery. In this article, we are going to discuss the pros and cons in the hope it […]