Why buy when you can hire underground machinery? Quality and reliability and excellent customer service is the cornerstone of Minspares. We are committed to the shifting nature of the industry by stocking new technology to help our clients gain efficiencies in their mining operations. We provide you with the tools, solutions, and support you need to start and finish the project.

We have an extensive range of charge up mining equipment for hire, including all you need for mining projects. Our fleet of charge up machinery for hire is serviced often to maintain superior performance in all aspects.

We currently have a variety of Normet Charmec charge up machines, which are renowned for their durability and accuracy, and have been tested and improved through 40 years of experience. These machines strengthen the safety and quality of tunneling and mining projects and are equipped with an array of features to help make mining jobs easier.


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The productivity of your project is measured through hours spent on project minus the faults. We can promise minimal machinery-related interruptions on the job. From operating in the industry for years, we have identified the needs of our clients and consider the needs for all types of projects when choosing our equipment.

Credit Source: Normet

Normet Charmech is the best of the charge up machinery for the Australian elements.  Normet’s equipment is specially built for bulk explosive charging, and is trusted for use in many hard rock mines and civil tunneling projects worldwide.  Learn more about Normet Charmech Chargers and process.

Charge Up Machinery For Hire

Normet Charmec MC905

The MC905 is a versatile explosives transport and charge vehicle for underground applications. This machine is optioned with a 9 metre “long reach” boom for added safety. The cabin is air-conditioned for operator comfort.

Capacity: 2 x 720kg anfo kettles

Engine: Mercedes MB904

Machinery Equipment

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Minspares offer quality mining machinery for hire in Western Australia and throughout Australia, while providing the best customer service experience possible. Our experience team understands the needs of the industry and is very committed to the safety of miners, leading to providing only the highest quality large machinery and trucks used in the market.

Alongside chargers, Minspares can assist with drilling, load and haul and much more to help with your underground mining projects.

We continue to strive to be the number one underground mining solutions team to help the Western Australian mining industry now and for years to come.

Our background is in services, and we understand the need to move with our customers’ needs. We are also experienced in contract mining and have worked as technicians, managers, and leaders with a major OEM.

  • Flexible Availability

  • Safe & Reliable

  • Expert Advice

  • Servicing Included

We also offer other underground machinery including production drillsdevelopment drills & loaders along with large trucks

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